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At Home in the Northern Forest: Photographs of the Changing Vermont Landscape
by John Huddleston
with an essay by Bill McKibben

Winner of the 2021 Silver IPPY (Independent Publishers Book Award) for Best Book of the Year in the U.S. Northeast Regional category.

A new look at one of the world's largest forests!

The Northern Forest of North America—stretching from New England and eastern Canada into the Upper Midwest—is one of the world's largest contiguous forests. Complex and beautiful, it supports a wide variety of life, and its woodlands offer an interconnected vastness that gives American and Canadian lives perspective and balance. This book is timely, for the Northern Forest is at the heart of important environmental and economic issues that have become critical, especially as big logging companies sell off large portions of their land.

The very existence of this forest is extraordinary. For instance, in 1870 the forest covered just twenty percent of Vermont, but today nearly eighty percent is woodland. This remarkable turnaround has taken place on what is overwhelmingly private land. As environmentalist Bill McKibben observes, "This unintentional and mostly unnoticed renewal of the rural and mountainous east represents the great environmental story of the United States and, in some ways, the whole world." But forest acreage has begun to decrease in every state in New England, as trees are removed for commercial development.

Renowned photographer John Huddleston brings a contemporary vision to show the unique and transitory character of the amazing Northern Forest. His photographs were made with precise attention to ordinary beauty and circumstance as he hiked in the Vermont woods he has known for thirty years. Through his photographs we gain a deep appreciation and understanding of the Northern Forest and how proper forest management enhances both commercial and ecological interests. Under Huddleston's care, natural change is embodied in a new type of photographic composite created from exposures made of similar scenes in different seasons. This difficult, labor-intensive process elicits direct comprehension of cyclic time. Coupled with his straight photographs, the book reveals the dynamic forms and processes of the Northern Forest. And an array of text references explores the biology, economics, history, philosophy, and vulnerability of this vast regional landscape.


"A wonderful book! John Huddleston's stunning photographs infuse landscape with piercing meditative depths—whether in the revelatory Time Composites series, with its dramatic effects, or in the seemingly more conventional images, with their subtle insights and surprises, clarities and beauties. This work can transform the way you see landscape or anything else."
—David Hinton, author of Hunger Mountain and Existence: A Story


$45.00 U.S. (trade discount) No e-book has been authorized.
168 pages with 151 color photographs by the author
12.0" x 9.0" landscape/horizontal
ISBN 978–1–938086–69–4

Published in association with the American Land Publishing Project, Middlebury College, and Furthermore, a program of the J. M. Kaplan Fund

Published February 2020

Distributed by Casemate/IPM
No e-book has been authorized.

About the Author

Book Events & Exhibitions
April 22, 2024
Nature, Photography, and The Dharma: A Reflection from John Huddleston
released at 8am ET (Pre-recorded)

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