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Children in Iceland (English/Icelandic bilingual edition)
by Nancy Libson
Afterword by Kristín Helga Gunnarsdóttir

An intimate and evocative photographic portrayal of children and childhood in rural Iceland.

Iceland is known worldwide for its stunning scenery and majestic wild landscapes. When photographer Nancy Libson first visited Iceland for a hiking trip some twenty years ago, she immediately fell in love with the country and its dramatic landscape. She vowed to return again, camera in hand. Beginning in 2015, Libson did just that, revisiting Iceland for four additional summers to photograph the land and its people.

When Libson began her project, she chose to get to know Iceland's people and natural wonders in the small towns and villages, especially in rural areas. As she experienced this remote and beautiful land, she soon noticed the unique qualities of growing up in Iceland and her emphasis shifted from people of all ages to children at home and at play. Libson noticed that Icelandic children are granted an unusual level of freedom while living securely in close-knit families and supportive communities. She was further inspired to capture Iceland's remoteness and beauty and its impact on the children who live there.

As portrayed in Children in Iceland, Libson's photographs provide an intimate, thought-provoking, and playful view of the lives of the children surrounded by Iceland's natural landscape. By photographing Iceland's children, Libson began to better understand not only the children, but through them the culture and spirit of growing up in this remarkable country. Kristín Helga Gunnarsdóttir, the well-known Icelandic children's author, concludes the book with her heartfelt afterword, sharing her enthusiasm for the freedom that Icelandic children feel from living with and close to nature.



$40.00 U.S. (trade discount) No e-book has been authorized.
96 pages with 47 color photographs by the author
11.0" x 9.0" landscape/horizontal
ISBN 978–1–938086–52–6

Published in June 2024

Distributed by Casemate/IPMcart
No e-book has been authorized.

Published in association with the Center for the Study of Place.

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