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George F. Thompson addresses faculty members at the University of Mississippi. (Photograph: David Wharton)

Faculty members who have worked with George as part of his Publisher-in-Residence program have had their articles appear in dozens of top-tier journals and received book contracts from more than 55 presses, among them Acre Books (University of Cincinnati), Amherst College Press, Amsterdam University Press, Bloomsbury, Brill, Cambridge University Press, Columbia University Press, Cornell University Press, CRC Press, De Gruyter, Fordham University Press, Harvard Education Press, Iberoamericana/Verveut, Indiana University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Kendall-Hunt, Les Editions Savane, Lexington Books, LSU Press, Manchester University Press, McGraw-Hill, The MIT Press, New York University Press, Northern Illinois University Press, Oxford University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Peter Lang, Princeton University Press, Reaktion, Routledge, Rutgers University Press, Springer Verlag, Temple University Press, University of Alabama Press, University of Arizona Press, University of Arkansas Press, University of California Press, University of Colorado Press, University of Illinois Press, University of Michigan Press, University of Minnesota Press, University of New Mexico Press, University of North Carolina Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, University of Pittsburgh Press, University of South Carolina Press, University of Texas Press, University of Toronto Press, University Press of Florida, University Press of Kansas, Utah State University Press, Vanderbilt University Press, W. W. Norton, Weslyan University Press, West Virginia University Press, WTAW Press, and Yale University Press.


 Part One: Our Place in the World:
 From Butte to Your Neck of the Woods
 Part Two: Getting the Word Out through Books
 Part Three: Field Notes: What Publishers and
 Authors Are Facing in the New Market Society


In February 2017, the Graduate School at the University of South Carolina brought George back to campus as part of his Publisher-in-Residence program, where he met with more than 100 graduate students, including those pictured with George: (left to right) Minjee Lee, George Thompson, Jaleel Johnson, Marian Botchway, Venice Hayes, and Maria Zubizaretta. (Photograph by Heather Brandt, Associate Dean for Professional Development.)

Consulting Baltimore

George has conducted his Publisher-in-Residence program at the University of Baltimore since 2012. During this time, he has met regularly with UB faculty members as well as the staff of Passager Books, a journal and press for writers over fifty. Left to right: Christine Drawl, Managing Editor; Mary Azrael and Kemdra Kopelke, founding Editors; Margarita M. Cardona, Director of Sponsored Research and Faculty Development; and Sharon D. Grant, Business Services Specialist. Photo by George F. Thompson.


This is the 2018 announcement for the Publisher-in-Residence program that George conducts for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Humanities Institute at the University of Connecticut. George has conducted his PIR program at UCONN since 2013.


For decades the "publish or perish" mantra has been an integral part of college and university life, inasmuch as most faculty members' tenure, promotion, and merit pay are tied directly to the accomplishments a faculty member achieves in the publishing world. Yet few universities or colleges provide any professional help to their faculty and graduate students regarding the publishing process, whether for books, journal articles, or portfolios of art. This is the equivalent of having a hospital without surgeons.

As a result, faculty members and Ph.D. candidates are left adrift as to how to navigate the publishing process (journals and books), what publishers are looking for, how to prepare a manuscript or journal article ready for external peer review and eventual publication, how to consider and integrate illustrations into materials, and how to work with a publisher. The lack of such professional advice usually results in under-developed and poorly prepared manuscripts, book proposals, and articles.

The Publisher-in-Residence program is designed to help remedy this situation in a friendly, helpful, and financially responsible way. Each program is customized to meet respective faculty, departmental, and institutional needs. Current and recent clients include:

  • Bowdoin College, Dean for Academic Affairs
  • CENTER, Photo Review Santa Fe
  • Middlebury College, Faculty Development and Research
  • St. Mary's College, the Honors College of Maryland, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Towson University, Office of the Provost
  • University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, College of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School
  • University of Baltimore, Office of the Provost and Sponsored Research and Faculty Development
  • University of Colorado in Boulder, Department of Geography in partnership with the National Science Foundation and Association of American Geographers
  • University of Connecticut in Storrs, Department of Geography in partnership with the Association of American Geographers, and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • University of Georgia in Athens, College of Environment and Design and the Graduate School
  • University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Department of Geography
  • University of Mississippi in Oxford, Center for the Study of Southern Culture
  • University of South Carolina in Columbia, The Graduate School (Presidential Scholars and Fellows)
  • University of Texas in Austin, School of Architecture

For more information, download this PDF about the Publisher-in-Residence program.


On October 16, 2018, George launched the second year of his Publisher-in-Residence program for the Graduate School of the University of Alabama by offering a two-hour group session with grad students and department chairs (see video) as well as one-on-one sessions with individual students. Dr. Catherine D. Pagani, Associate Dean, administers the PIR program for the Graduate School, and she is assisted by Stan Pickering. The video was produced in association with the Center Public Television at the University of Alabama.

On September 14, 2017, George officially began his Publisher-in-Residence program at the Graduate School of the University of Alabama by presenting a two-hour address. One hundred forty-six students signed up for the event, which was organized by Associate Dean Cathy Pagani and recorded by Stanley H. Pickering III. The PIR program also includes one-on-one sessions with graduate students, which is unique to universities and colleges throughout the nation.


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