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"Stephen Strom's photographs reveal a teeming, shifting, and vibrant world in the half-hidden space between the low and high tide lines. Strom has an unerring eye for painterly detail. He discovers such a range of gestures within his chosen sites that Tidal Rhythms might double as a gloss on twentieth-century abstraction. Bunches of kelp look like the work of Jean Arp; squiggling critter trails, Miró; pointillist clusters of shells, Kusama. A group of pebbles nested in the windswept sand could be an oil on paper by Jay DeFeo. The beauty in these pictures is the expression of a logic that we, the readers, are always just shy of comprehending but that the photographer seems to understand perfectly. Generative, creative, and unruly forces are at work within the tiny worlds of Strom's square frames, yet Barbara Hurd's keen and lyrical prose reminds us that those forces are part of a deli-cate equilibrium. In an environment whose greatest constant is change, Strom and Hurd find parables of adapta-bility and endurance."
—Dr. Rebecca A. Senf, Chief Curator at the Center for Creative Photography and Norton Family Curator of Photography at the Center for Creative Photography and Phoenix Art Museum

"Though the book includes descriptive essays by Barbara Hurd, Strom's photos themselves vividly capture the imagination. The book's square format enhances the abstraction as well as the fun of flipping through the pages — and rewards repeat readings. This is a great book for anyone who loves abstract photography or the ocean, as every image includes a little of both."
—Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler, Photographer's Forum Fall 2017 (read the full pdf here)








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