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© Photographs byJack Parsons
         I have traveled a lot in my life—to Europe, India, Southeast Asia—and have lived in many places—New York City, London, Colorado, Switzerland. But New Mexico is the first place I've ever called home. It is where my wife and I have raised our children and where, for more than forty years, I have done most of my work. And it was through my photography that I was able to learn about this part of the world and make it my home.

         At the end of a summer day here in Santa Fe, what I love most is to sit on the patio of my house with a glass of good wine and watch the light change and the shadows lengthen along the Cerrillos Hills, the Ortiz Mountains, and, looming in the background, the Sandias. It is an expansive view unmarred by houses or roads and stretches west almost to Albuquerque. I can sit out here without the noise of cellphones or people or cars for an hour or two and watch the hummingbirds and the finches and jays move about in the soft, magical light and other than their sweet sound, enjoy the greatest luxury we can have in this turbulent world—silence. Nature's silence and the view of a vast, natural plain studded with juniper and pinon and grass make this a perfect place, a home, a refuge, an oasis in a difficult world.

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