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"Thank you for sharing your work, Sandra. Occupying Massachusetts is a striking composition of images and words, lending a gleam of light into long stories that linger on the periphery. They're always there, next to us, but are seldom seen full frontal—it's more, rather, that they are sensed. Your juxtapositions enable the clarity that can come when, for example, you can see a hazy star more distinctly by looking next to it, rather than directly at it."
—Rich Holschuh, Cultural Relations Liaison for the Elnu Abenaki Tribe

"The places on which we stand flicker with the subtle traces of peoples who have come before us. In this moving book, Sandra Matthews asks us to look—really look—at the relationship between us and them and meditate on what such things as possession, occupation, and settlement might mean. Her photographs are haunting and also disturbingly beautiful."
—Anthony W. Lee, Idella Plimpton Kendall Professor of Art History at Mt. Holyoke College, author of seven books about art and photography, and founder/editor of the acclaimed book series Defining Moments in American Photography

"This is a beautiful and valuable book. The opening epigraph alone—about a place never belonging to one group—should be forwarded to Vladimir Putin, as it is so appropriate regarding the war in Ukraine. Once I opened the book, I was hooked. Its theme—occupation, conquest, and layers of history on Indigenous lands—exposes many truths. The book will thus be forever relevant. I totally admire the artist's vision!"
—Andrei Kushnir, author of Oh, Shenandoah: Paintings of the Historic Valley and River

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